Quality, ethics, simplicity,
and nothing else please.
Taste & health should live together in harmony

Real food with great flavours should be part of the journey to optimum health & fitness for everyone: kids, adults, seniors, the active and road warriors alike. We are what we eat, so better if it tastes good! We believe in foods...with benefits.

Quality and simplicity are
worth the effort

We keep things simple. When it comes to our whey protein blends, we only settle for the best quality whey protein concentrate and gourmet flavouring ingredients, and keep to as few as is necessary. Enough of those long lists of unknown ingredients! This makes our protein blends not only more delicious, but also more healthful.

Sustainable and
ethical sourcing

Our whey protein is a byproduct of the cheese manufacturing industry, sourced from the highest quality dairy farms in New Zealand where cows feed on grass, without unnecessary use of hormones or antibiotics. This is both an ethical choice, as well as a healthy one.

Evidence based

The body of research regarding the unique health benefits of grass fed cold processed whey protein is recent and growing. We have access to primary and clinical research and enjoy digging and sharing.


Meet the team

We are a team of seasoned, complementary entrepreneurs who are passionate about the science-backed pathways between food and health. We work for the like-minded, hard working and playing, urbanites who love their food and health as much as their peace of mind. The values we share amongst the team, also seem to be echoed in our growing community.

Beyond our core team, our advisors and mentors also share the same values.
Sheila PartratManaging Director, Co-Founder
Back in summer 2016, I sought advice from food and health expert, Dr. Jean François Lesgards, about what could best support my then 90 year old mother pull through a general operation. His response was clear. "Get whey protein from grass fed cows that has been cold processed. The health benefits are incredibly powerful and beneficial for anyone, but good luck finding it, there is very little on the market.

Perplexed that it was THIS GOOD, that after a B.Sc. in Food Science, decades of personal research and a co-written book on food and health, I had not clearly understood how fundamental quality protein was to total health, not just muscle synthesis and structural support, I took note and went on a hunt.

Months later “the stars aligned” in Hong Kong. I met a friend who actually sourced this quality whey protein to import, then mixed it with gourmet flavouring to sell. I started as a consumer and became hooked. Never had I found anything that tasted this good with an impact on health, wellbeing and beauty (ok it counts!) that was this strong. In three months of daily enjoyment, it had become a game changer for me and my family. My 90 year old mother stopped “going backwards; now in my 50’s my energy and strength are better than in my 40’s, with greater resistance to colds and flu, and improved quality of skin and hair. When I told my family doctor, her response was comical. "You don't have to tell me, I can see it on your skin and in your blood work”. My husband, an entrepreneur, became more resistant to stress, germs and jet lag while our teens just take Protelicious because they like it. Yet they all see the steadying impact on their moods, energy, skin, focus and resistance.

I quickly looked for ways to be more involved, thinking that there have to be others, who are exposed to pollution, stress and sleep deprivation,and are looking for easy solutions for health. This one just happened to be delicious!. That’s why I decided to grow this company.

Today the business is vastly different. With a sustainable supply, R&D, an expanding and loyal community and partnership base, as Managing Director, my role is more that of an “orchestra conductor”. We have a smart, resourceful and dedicated team, advisors and mentor base with solid and complementary skills. My job is to allow the best of everyone to shine through in order to help Protelicious expand into business in Asia and beyond that we couldn’t have imagined 2 years ago.

Jean Francois LesgardsChief Science Officer
Like most people, I always saw whey as a product taken by bodybuilders and gymsharks in order to bulk. However, through my career that spans over 20 years, I have been primarily dedicated to preventing and even curing inflammatory diseases with natural products and this research led me to look at whey from another angle. I found that whey protein is essential for so much more than just muscle growth. It helps build and maintain the immune system and general defenses against a stressful city life (bad food, pollution, stressful lifestyle), it helps with weaker digestive systems, and is a wonderful anti-ageing substance. At the end, it’s a widely underestimated health product, even by researchers, physicians and the public! However, it must be grass fed whey and cold processed, not heat processed. This allows the all the beneficial amino-acids to stay in a good state. Protelicious is one of the rare whey’s on the market which respect all these quality processes. I was able to use scientific knowledge and clinical studies and put it to good use when Sheila came to me with the business after I explained to her the benefits of whey and how it stretches beyond just fitnesses and into a general yet effective health supplement. Jean Francois has a Post Doctorate degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry with 20 years of fundamental and clinical research in nutrition, food, health and inflammatory diseases. Jean Francois also worked in Canada and USA at the HEART INSTITUTE OF MONTREAL, Qc, CANADA and at the DIABETES AND OBESITY CENTER - Division of Molecular Cardiology, University of Louisville, KENTUCKY, USA.
Lisa HazenDirector of Operations & Finance
Lisa graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.Sc. in Human Biology, however family and several moves around the world prevented her from utilizing her degree and knowledge in the science field - until now! Upon graduation Lisa got married, started a family, moved to Hong Kong, expanded her family, moved back to Canada, started her own business and has now moved back to Hong Kong. Protelicious couldn't have entered her life at a better time. Lisa had the sheer luck to sit next to a wonderful fellow Canadian at at workshop and the relationship between her, Sheila and Protelicious began. With 2 teenage boys at home Protelicious was the perfect solution to provide them with complete nutrition for their growing bodies and ever changing hormones plus they loved the great taste and make their own smoothies for breakfast or after baseball practise. Their favourite recipe is milk, yogurt, banana and Strawberry whey! Lisa joined the Protelicious team in January 2018 and is putting her science degree to good use - finally! Lisa loves educating customers on the health benefits of Protelicious whey but also heads up all operations and logisitics to keep the wheels turning and getting good quality protein into the hands of our loyal customers.
Udi BaranChief Operating Officer
Udi Baran has more than 20 years’ experience in leading large teams in marketing, sales and operation in China and Asia-Pacific. As a CEO/GM of global Fortune-500 companies in China, Udi managed and developed successful business and operation in the Telecom and Food segments, while creating efficiencies, high standards and profitability. Having deep understanding and appreciation to local cultures, Udi believes in the most valuable asset that every company should have and cherish – the human resources! By continuous training, mentoring and encouragement, Udi always thrives to upgrade the individual and the team to out-perform and upgrade their capabilities, know-how and expertise; targets are achieved and high motivation is kept by investing in people and not just in products, machinery and R&D. Working according to those principles, Udi received many prizes and appreciation from his peers, management, local authorities and the press.