Protelicious® Ltd is a Hong Kong-based innovative food brand company, producing gourmet whey protein powder blends from premium quality, cold-processed whey protein concentrate. Our signature grass-fed whey protein is sourced from a New Zealand global leader in Dairy, then is packaged and blended with gourmet quality flavoring ingredients by an FDA certified leading New Zealand based manufacturer. 


Our concept is unique, combining health, gourmet taste and science. Protelicious signature whey protein provides what the body needs most to repair itself at any age, but is hardest to come by - clean, complete, un-denatured (not heated) absorbable protein. The powerful detox, antioxidant and immune building properties of our whey protein blends make it the basis of no-compromise health vs tasty treat. We are reaching out of the traditional fitness associated protein sector focusing those with busy modern lifestyles who appreciate their food, health and clean living as much as their peace of mind. With daily use, our customers look, feel & perform better. 


Protelicious is run by a team of seasoned and complementary entrepreneurs, food and biochemical scientists, and guided by mentors and advisors who are passionate about the science-backed pathways between food and health and how we can improve the quality of life of our customers. We bring together decades of experience and expertise from around the world in the core areas of production, supply chain management, food science and biochemistry, business development, financial engineering as well as research and development, giving us the tools to drive Protelicious’ mission in Asia and beyond.   


We have a B2B and D2C (Direct to Consumer) business model, which works together synergistically.  In our home Hong Kong market we supply discerning Food & Beverage partners who often use Protelicious as a branded ingredient, both raising brand awareness and signaling to their customers that they care about their health. Hong Kong-based clients include PURE Fitness, Mandarin Hotel, Swire’s’ The Upper House’ Hotel, Goldman Sachs, Classified Restaurant, Hong Kong Cricket Club & The Hong Kong Football Club to name just a few. On the D2C side, we have a loyal and growing network of regular D2C clients via our online store. Education is also a key focus. We aim to upgrade the knowledge on how vital, a clean absorbable, high-quality protein is to total health, not simply bones, muscles, and skin.


Fuelled by international demand that we constantly see on our website, the amazing taste and game-changing health benefits that our customers and clients constantly tell us about, as well as the resiliency of the Hong Kong business both in the D2C and B2B sides (even throughout the challenging summer 2019 months of unrest),  Protelicious is expanding distribution to North America and Western Europe. Initial steps for awareness have been made through a Kickstarter campaign which quickly gained momentum as well as media interest. We are now seeking like-minded and strategic investors to help us build the business to the US, UK & Canadian markets.