Protelicious does what no other protein company could do, it marries gourmet quality ingredients & unbeatable taste with science-backed health benefits in order to create the perfect building blocks to support all the systems in the human body. Our company uses the finest quality whey protein concentrate from grass-fed cows in New Zealand which is then low-temperature processed to ensure that not one of the 20 vital amino acids has been denatured. 


These vital amino acids provide a complete remedy for the mental and physical stresses of modern lifestyles. The benefits include building your immune system, acting as a powerful antioxidant, hormone regulator, decreases chronic inflammation, improves blood circulation and so much more, all packed in a delicious smoothie (or any other snack you desire, we provide a collection of recipes on our website). The benefits of this protein exceed the needs of a person just wanting to build muscle and will benefit everyone, no matter how active they are.

Protelicious is run by a team of complementary entrepreneurs, biochemical scientists, chefs, and guided by mentors and advisors who are passionate about the science-backed links between food and health. We bring together decades of experience from around the world in the core areas of production, supply chain management, food science, biochemistry, business development, digital marketing, finance, and R&D, giving us the tools to drive Protelicious’ mission in APAC and beyond.