Why is Protein so Important?

Why is Protein so Important?

by: Chris Partrat

Protein is one of the most vital macronutrients. Without this amazing compound, we would not exist. Protein’s primary function isn’t commonly known even though they are vital for our very existence! They provide the building blocks upon which our body is structured, from hair, tendons, muscles, ligaments, even our DNA is made up of amino acids, the components of protein. They are essential to protect our body chemistry and control the production of hormones and enzymes, they are the antibodies that help us fight diseases and can transmit signals in the body that control different organic tissues. If it wasn't for protein, we would contract cancer every day. It is only protein’s secondary use that is much more commonly known, it supplements and supports muscle and bone structure.

The myth that only gym-goers and athletes should be supplementing with protein could never be further from the truth, 

Protein is made up of 20 different amino acids, each are necessary for various bodily functions, however, we can’t store it the way we store fats and carbohydrates. Our body can make most of them but there are 8 which we cannot produce and can only get from foods. These are called Essential Amino Acids.

Protein Structure

Figure 1: Protein Structure


You’re probably thinking, “I don’t need protein supplementation, I eat plenty of chicken, eggs and other protein dense foods”. This is where the first problem lies. When Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) are heated, they are denatured and therefore will only provide support to your bones and muscles due to the missing amino acid profile which is why it is so important to supplement your diet. However, this is where the second problem lies. The vast majority of protein supplements that can be found are processed using heat, thus denaturing it and making it no better than a medium rare steak. We on the other hand, provide a protein supplement that contains these un-denatured EAAs, providing you with clean and easily absorbed amino acids that help your body function at its best.


The benefits and necessities of whey protein are not bound by age or physical abilities, they are essential for everyone.

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