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Thank you Island Supplements, hello Protelicious

You are what has brought us to this point, and are what makes us great, thank you! Yet progress is impossible without change. Today, we are rebranding to bring you extra value. Of course, we remain committed to delivering the same delicious health promoting gourmet whey protein blends that we hear have become as much a part of daily life for most of you, as it has for ours.

A new name and packaging with our promise anchored into it.

We started as Island Supplements. The truth is, we love our gourmet whey and unfolding health benefits so much, that to us, it’s not a supplement, it’s a daily treat, perfectly at home on the family breakfast table, by the office cooler or in a gym bag for post workout recovery. So we are now Protelicious:

  • Our protein blends will always be delicious and regenerate health, and the cows that make our whey eat grass like they are supposed to!
  • We will only focus on protein because there is no getting around it: adequate quality protein is a major cornerstone of health.

Practical yet fundamental research on food and health that you would otherwise have to be a lab rat to get! Like us, most of you are looking for well-researched and actionable information on food and health that goes beyond marketing and commercial interest. Enter our new Lab to life blog series. With “drawers full” at our fingertips, thanks to a research for a new book en route, and our Chief Science Officer Dr Jean Francois Lesgards who has years of fundamental research on the pathways between food, health and oxidative stress, we have some interesting posts coming up… Like “Little known secrets to keeping thoughts clear and mood sunny”, Or Five tips for optimising performance that most don’t think about”, or “Anti ageing from the inside, how to put yourself on the right side of the equation”.

Great recipes and your questions answered We will alternate our Lab to Life blog series with more practical articles called Whey more practical. It’s your go to place for recipes, practical tips on health and lifestyle as well as your questions on food and health. What’s coming up here? The best one I have heard last week … “If dairy is getting such a bad wrap, how come your whey is so good and healthy?” Stay tuned for the answer!

Thank you for being part of the journey so far, stay with us as chapter two unfolds, for the same great taste and we hope, just that much more value for your life.

One thought on “Thank you Island Supplements, hello Protelicious

  1. avatar Louise Thoreau says:

    This is an absolutely amazing product. I highly recommend it. Just wish you could keep the raspberry flavour all year round. It’s the favourite in our house.

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