Get the Best, Natural Immune Boost with Protelicious.   by: Chris Partrat

Get the Best, Natural Immune Boost with Protelicious. by: Chris Partrat

During times of stress it is important to keep a boosted immune system, especially when people's lives and security* all around the world depend on the state of public health. A healthy immune system keeps your body strong and helps you fight off different infectious pathogens, such as the flu or COVID-19.

The ways in which we can improve our immune system aren't always obvious, they are often neglected or rudimentary.  The easiest basic ways can be from getting a good 8 hours of sleep every night, exercising regularly and getting natural sunshine, to vitamin supplementation. However, in order to give the body everything  it needs to guard against infection and disease, your diet must include all vital amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and most people don’t make the connection between protein and boosting their immune system.

The immune building benefits stemming from supplementation with Protelicious, that is a cold filtered whey protein with all needed amino acids are endless. 4 ways Protelicious can help are:

  1. By reinforcing the white blood cells (specifically T cells and natural killer cells) which are imperative for fighting off disease. After combating a virus, our T cell count is drastically reduced and the cells are exhausted.  Cold filtered whey protein contains vital amino acids (glutamine, leucine and sulphur AAs) that support our white blood cells and allow us to  fight back against disease and recover quicker.
  2. By supporting the white blood cell’s production of immunoglobulin and antibodies - these cells help identify and eliminate a virus or bacteria before it has the chance to infect tissue such as lung cells. Whey is extremely rich in immunoglobulin building amino acids and so easily absorbed by the body that it doesn't need to reach your blood for white blood cells to begin creating these antibodies.
  3. Cold filtered whey can be used to boost immunity because of the anti-inflammatory potential.  When infected with a virus or bacteria, the body goes through increased oxidation which puts your body in a state of oxidative stress that leads to inflammation. The vital amino acids in Protelicious whey boosts the production of glutathione that decreases oxidative stress and prevents the replication of viruses in your body. 
  4. Providing protection to your digestive system and cleaning it out. The cellular health of your gut is imperative for the general state of your immune system and by keeping a balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut. The preservation of your gut health also has been shown to play a key role in the optimization of key organs throughout the body such as the lungs, kidneys, heart and liver.

The benefits of whey protein far exceed the traditional needs of an active person and are a necessity for all.

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