Calling all Teenagers - Get better sleep, better hair, better skin AND MORE! By: Julia Partrat

Calling all Teenagers - Get better sleep, better hair, better skin AND MORE! By: Julia Partrat

Calling all Teenagers - Get better sleep, better hair, better skin AND MORE!
By: Julia Partrat 

As a teenager, I used to force feed myself chalky conventional protein powder as an afternoon snack or after a workout as I blindly assumed it was simply good for muscle growth. Little did I know that, with the right type, protein powder can be incredibly tasty and provide me with so much more than just muscle support. I even started taking my whey with just water and no sweetner! The creaminess/freshness and natural sweetness of cold processed, grass-fed whey protein is close to addicting, and I have zero guilt when I go back for seconds, especially when I looked into the benefits.

Firstly, is whey protein safe to consume for teens?

There is a common misconception that whey is purely meant for muscle recovery & growth or to be consumed after going to the gym. Yet, more and more research is showing the vast benefits that whey protein has beyond helping muscle recovery, it is actually beneficial for so much more!

With all the crazy hormones running around in a teenagers body, cold processed, grass-fed whey protein can help nails, skin and hair look great and support the function of structural and hormone systems in your body. I personally feel the difference when I have it regularly versus when I don’t, as my nails are stronger, my hair is healthier, my mood is more stable, I can focus at school more and I get a better nights sleep.

How can Cold Pressed grass-fed whey protein help a developing teenager?

Get better/more sleep - One of the main issues teens face is in this digital age is sleep deprivation.  Short of removing all electronic devices, which let’s face it isn’t necessarily practical, diet is one of the best ways to naturally help teens get better sleep. Teens need about 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night to function best. Most teens do not get enough sleep — one study found that only 15% reported sleeping 8 1/2 hours on school nights.1  That means a whopping 85% of teens are NOT getting enought sleep to function and focus properly in their daily lives.  With better sleep comes improved performance at school and/or sports.  The essential amino acid Tryptophan is the key precursor in the formation of melatonin, the hormone necessary for sleep.  Tryptophan, unfortunately, is less common than other amino acids in most food proteins. Cold processed whey, however, has a very high content of tryptophan in comparison to many other sources of protein. 

Reduce stress and relieve depression symptoms - we all understand how hard it is being a teenager, you’re living, simultaneously, some of the best and worst years of your life. Hormone changes may lead to mood swings which is not always easy to deal with.  Studies have demonstrated that whey protein increases serotonin levels (the happy hormone) and decreases cortisol levels (the stress hormone) helping to regulate and calm mood swings.


Improve memory - Amino acids, coming from protein powder, play an important role as they are used to make neurotransmitters, important for brain function, focus and memory retention.  All teens can benefit from a better capability to retain information when it comes to exam time! 

Weight regulation - Whey can help support weight gain or loss depending on how it is consumed. Cold processed. grass-fed protein powder will stabilize blood sugar and decrease  insulin spikes, keeping you satiated and therefore, helps in weight control. 

How can whey help your appearance?

Teeth - everybody wants to have clean pearly whites and a great smile. Whey can actually help with that as it contains about 15-20% L-Glutamine, which prevents plaque build-up and tooth decay.

Hair - our body requires protein to generate healthy skin and nails. Whey protein helps the body to create hormones and vital enzymes to keep them running efficiently. In addition, the protein from whey can help promote healthy hair growth. As hair is made up almost entirely of protein, consuming whey can help in decreased hair loss and generate stronger hair.

Skin and nails - Collagen, an important skin component, comprises 30 percent of the body’s total protein and helps strengthen skin, promote healthier blood vessels, bones and teeth. Consuming whey protein will help promote the production of collagen  to keep your skin firm and healthy.


Fight Acne - we all know how frustrating teenage skin can be - I know I’ve had my fair share of bad skin days. Whey can actually help fight against acne due to its antimicrobial properties (an agent that fights bacteria or stops its’ growth). 

I know sometimes being a teenager it can be tempting to reach out for quick fixes and supplements for better hair, skin, digestion that don’t benefit your body as much as you’d like to think. However, with these tips, hopefully it’ll encourage you to look into more natural sources including cold processed, grass-fed protein powder, like Protelicious,  due to the wealth of benefits it can bring to your body - not just appearance wise but internally too. Had I known about this when I was younger, I know it would have made a huge difference in my early teen years, but I’m glad I have it now!

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