A little bit about our ingredients...

It's time to share some information about our ingredients.

The start up premise for Protelicious Protelicious HK is that if you care about your health, you care about what you put in your body and that includes your nutritional extras.

Unfortunately, we are in a time where companies are being exposed as preying on their customers' lack of knowledge.

Be it cheap sugar filled pills, or boosting protein content of supplements by adding in cheap amino acids made from hair and nails (we kid you not... this is a thing, and it is done by big name brands), the behaviour is rampant.

Even when you can be assured that no such cheating is taking place, the quality of the ingredients still leaves to be desired.


Take a look at this ingredients list:

long ingredients list

... and that's just for a standard whey protein powder.


The Protelicious Whey

Here at Protelicious, we take your health and taste buds seriously. So here's how we approach product formulation:

1) We choose a high quality whey protein powder.

Whey come's from milk, milk comes from cows, so the health of that cow matters. So we make sure we work with producers that don't use hormones or antibiotics.

We also think cows should be out doors feeding on grass, so we source accordingly.


2) We decide on a flavour, and then we research whether or not we can blend it without using overly processed additives. 

Here's a little known fact: Natural chocolate flavouring is not what you imagine when you read the words on a label. That image of cocoa beans straight from their pod, ground into a powder and mixed into your protein powder? Not quite reality. A 'Natural flavour' can be any flavour that is synthesised from spices, herbs, or other natural ingredients. In other words, that natural flavour you see on your ingredients list could actually be composed of 10 or more other ingredients. 


We like the first image better. So for our True Cocoa flavour, we use actual cocoa powder. That's it.

Because we don't boost the flavour with concentrated ingredients, it means we end up using much more cocoa than the average protein powder - given the strong antioxidant values and health promoting properties of cocoa, we take this as an EXCELLENT thing.

Our upcoming Matcha Green protein follows the same principles - Matcha powder in all its glory, with all its health benefits.


3) We balance out the taste profile

This is where taste testing comes into the equation. We all expect a chocolate shake to be slightly sweet in taste. But this doesn't mean it has to be a sweetness EXPLOSION. We add Stevia, a natural sweetener with a long rich history (It was used 1,500 years ago by the Guaraní people of south america to sweeten their food). But we only add enough to make it taste just right. This is protein, not candy, and we're all adults here!


All this leaves us with an ingredients label that looks something like this:Simple Ingredients list

Yeah, MUCH better!


Take your Supplements Seriously.

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  1. avatar Phumza says:

    I would like to order some for my entire family household. How do I go about placing an order. I am based in South Africa.. Do you perhaps have a distributor in SA.

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