4 Ways Protelicious Can Help Enhance Your Immune System

4 Ways Protelicious Can Help Enhance Your Immune System

It’s the time of year when daily concerns turn to trying to combat illnesses that thrive and get passed around, from January well into the spring.  Whether it be the flu, strep throat, the common cold or the more serious virus’ like influenza, pneumonia or as is the case this season, a new strain of the coronavirus - our best defense is a strong immune system.  This means not just trying to boost immunity during “cold and flu season” by increasing our intake of Vitamin C, echinacea or other supplements but by being conscience of and maintaining a strong immunity year-round.  

The health professionals at OT&P Healthcare in a recent article1 point out that there are many factors that can help enhance our immunity, including “healthy diet, exercise, adequate rest, avoiding stress and maintaining a positive psychological outlook”.  One of the best ways to achieve a healthy balanced diet is to make sure you are getting enough high quality, absorbable protein.  Your body naturally uses the amino acids that make up protein molecules to maintain the structure and function of the body’s systems including muscle recovery, increasing glutathione production to boost immunity, regulating sleep cycles, reducing stress and enhancing moods – all factors that make up our individual immune responses.

How can Protelicious help enhance your immunity?

  1. Proteins have to come from our diet as we can’t store them like carbohydrates or fats. We need around 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day (that means if you weigh 60kg then you will need 60g of proteins in your diet daily). And sometimes, with our generally busy lifestyles it’s hard to reach this amount without 3 balanced meals per day.  A clean protein supplement can really help meet these requirements and maintain a healthy diet.
  1. With its richness in essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein that can only come from the food we consume and, in particular cysteine & methionine, whey protein will boost our immunity by; improving glutathione/antioxidant concentration in our cells, immunoglobulin synthesis and by optimizing the activity of white blood cells (like lymphocytes) which improve both the identification and destruction of harmful bacteria and virus’ (Droge W et Breitkreutz R, 2000)
  1. Whey has a very high concentration of the essential amino acid (EAA) tryptophan in comparison to many other sources of protein. The EAA tryptophan is a key precursor in the formation of melatonin by the body. Melatonin influences our sleep-wake cycles, a critical cycle that impacts many other functions, including the metabolism of nutrients and your immune system.2
  1. Tryptophan is also the precursor to the hormone serotonin. Serotonin has central importance in regulating our body cycles and our mood.  Sufficient intake of the EAA tryptophan through the protein we consume keeps our serotonin levels at an appropriate level to decrease stress and anxiety, improve mood and help the brain function properly.2

common amino acid structure

Protelicious’ has a full amino acid profile, meaning is contains all amino acids our bodies need,  because our whey is processed without heat or acidity.  Heating a protein (by cooking or heating during processing) can degrade or denature some of the amino acids making them unavailable for the body to use in its daily function.  This is the key to Protelicious and how a daily scoop can help your body boost its defences naturally by giving you adequate amounts of the necessary amino acids to have a healthy diet, get adequate rest, reduce stress & anxiety levels and maintaining a positive psychological outlook on life – all factors that affect an individual’s immunity.

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