To look, feel & perform better
Protelicious signature whey protein provides your body what it needs most every day yet is hard to come by - clean, absorbable, high-quality protein, which every system in our body needs to do it's job better - including detox, repair and rejuvenate. Your taste buds won’t care, You’ll only crave it because it’s delicious.
& Undenatured

Retaining all the health benefits of this highly absorbable whey protein

& Hormone-Free

Whey Protein from New Zealand Grass-Fed Cows. It is an ethical and healthy choice

Health Benefits

Science, health and gourmet taste are part of our founding principle

Only three

Clean, simple and high quality ingredients. Non-GMO. No added sugar. No artificial sweeteners. No preservatives. No fillers. No thickeners.


Keep things simple and choose the best

True Cocoa

Freeze-Dried Strawberry



We keep our environmental footprint light

Our whey protein is:
Sourced from the most reputable New Zealand dairy farms where cows graze on grass. This is both an ethical and healthy choice.
A by-product of the cheese manufacturing industry.
Fully native, and cold processed, so very little processing, and few steps between source and consumption

The Difference
The best daily ally to detox, and rejuvenate deliciously.

True Cocoa exclusively with Valrhona Cocoa Powder: a guilt-free treat Freeze-Dried Strawberry: like strawberries and cream for breakfast without the fat. Sencha Green Tea: elegant and refined. Who says protein can't be sophisticated?

Sustainable Sourcing

Sourced from the most reputable dairy farms where cows graze on grass. This is both an ethical and healthy choice.

Beauty Boost

Improves the condition of hair, skin & nails and aids in digestion.

Clean & Absorbable

From Grass-Fed Cows: The health building benefits of this highly absorbable protein go straight to work.
Protelicious Whey is absorbed in 30 mins and leaves no residue, while meat is absorbed in approximately 15 hours

Chef Recommended

Perfect for sweet and savoury dishes. Think beyond smoothies. Suitable to enhance all meals in the day.

Researched Backed Benefits

Initiates our body’s powerful detox capacity and reduces cellular inflammation.
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Dr. Lisa RonbackPT MD FRCSC
I have tried many protein powders over the years in an effort to improve my nutrition but was never able to find one that tasted good and had a pleasing texture. I would throw away container after container having only used a very small portion of the powder. In fact, I would cringe at adding the powder to my food in anticipation of the mealy mouthfeel. This new gourmet whey powder was an utter surprise. A friend suggested I try it and I was shocked to find it very palatable. It mixes easily into yogurt, warm cereals, smoothies or whatever you normally add protein powder to. The taste is really quite nice - and I am a bit of a "foodie". The fact that it comes from organic, grass fed cows allows for maximum nutritional benefits. As an orthopedic surgeon, I am well aware of the need for good nutrition not only for athletes and body builders but also for the general population especially those who have health challenges and those who are dealing with changes related to aging. I most highly recommend this gourmet whey powder as an excellent addition to one's diet.
Andrew C.Business owner, educator, and personal trainer/coach
As an individual and as a company I/we have been using Protelicious whey protein since its inception. Personally it is a part of my rituals that assist me to maintain energy levels to work with clients, train myself and connect with my family before and after work. The taste is great, the ingredients are of a quality that gave us as a business the confidence to promote the use of Protelicious Whey protein to our clients who form an implicit trust in our guidance. Knowing the owners and founders of the company I see their relentless pursuit of better which is in alignment with everything I strive for and the ethos of my company. I look forward to continue cycling through the different flavours for years to come.
Kris P.Mother, Consultant, Yoga and Fitness Enthusiast
I simply cannot say enough good things about Protelicious protein. I have been consuming various brands of protein powders for more than a decade for training purposes, but always found them to be lacking in flavor as well as finding they all caused me digestive issues of one sort or another. Protelicous is truly the first brand of protein that is both delicious and has caused me ZERO digestive issues – amazing! I love this product

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